We shape shopper experiences

VF! is a retail branding agency. We revel in displaying and promoting products in ways that will add value to our clients’ brands and bring joy to their shoppers. We do this in compelling and intelligent ways based on insight we gain from shopper and consumer research and shopper behaviour – information we use to translate a brand’s true identity and personality. Our solutions are strategic, seamless, functional and well-considered, delivering on an expected outcome. We go beyond the obvious – we believe in connecting shoppers with brands by giving them an experience.

What we can do for you?

Shopper insight

The outcome of all projects is informed by the insight we gain from the research we do.

Retail audits and analysis, in-store behavioural research, consumer and shopper interviews, focus groups

Branded products

We specialise in designing branded products aimed at brand standout, going beyond point of sale.

Design, prototyping, production


Production executes on design with quality manufacturing at the best possible price.

Product resolution, materials sourcing, prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, testing

Creative strategy

We distill our research into foundational insights to inform our brand and creative strategies.

Brand, product, design, creative and touchpoint strategy, brand narratives

Branded display

We design insight-based branded display that deliver on ROI. VF! invests substantially in R&D of display units, both for ourselves and our clients.

Design, prototyping, in-store installation


We manage all aspects of logistics throughout the supply chain, ensuring on-time and in-full delivery.

Freight forwarding, onward distribution, warehousing and stock management

Visual communication

Our graphic design team has honed their skills to design and roll out all 2D and printed visual touchpoints.

Design, merchandising, concept development, guidelines

Branded systems

Displays are designed as “eco systems” of elements to work together as strategic touchpoints in the customer’s journey to purchase.

Design, prototyping, in-store installation


During implementation we manage the correct placement of unitry, making sure the final solution has maximum impact.

Installation, fulfilment, site surveys, protocols, site sign-off

Branded content

We have the ability to deploy design across multimedia, digital and display media – capturing the minds of consumers from pretail to point of purchase interaction.

Digital media, content development, interface design, UXES

Branded experiences

The way consumers experience and interact with brands is central to bringing brands and products alive in on- and off-trade environments.

On-trade and off trade destination design; environment branding; pop-up stores, third space design.

Measure & Evaluate

M&E is a research methodology that evaluates the effectiveness and impact of our designs and implementation on our clients’ brand and/or business goals.

Post-production evaluation, research, behaviour

Our Team

Richard Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Adcock

Executive Chairman

Paul Henriques

Creative Director

Jacques Jaap

Business Unit Director

Brigitta Annegarn

Business Unit Director

Belinda Maneveld

Insights Generation Manager

Jared Odell

Head of Product Design

Chad Hendrickse

Supply Chain Director

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