We boosted Jagermeister’s growth by 45% in the Liqueurs and Shooters category

DGB (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest independent wine and spirits manufacturers and distributors in South Africa. With the alcohol industry being such a dynamic and highly competitive environment, ever-increasing merchandising and marketing expertise are highly in demand.

This need drove the brand to expand their already-established understanding of the category purchase drivers and existing shopper behaviour within the digestif and shooter categories. Furthermore, in their continued pursuit of optimal service delivery, they needed to envision how displays would fit into the future development of the brand.

VF ! boosted Jagermeister’s growth by 45% in the Liqueurs and Shooters Category


Our brief from DGB was to help them understand shopper dynamics; both within the liqueur and shooter category, and in relation to the whole liqueur and specialities aisle. Secondly, we needed to define the existing triggers that encouraged in-store excellence.


We applied our customised shopper analysis model to collect a full spectrum of behavioural data. Our research consisted of shopper interviews, a behavioural analysis of shoppers in store, a scale audit of the liqueurs and shooters category across multiple stores, a sales data analysis and range rationalisation.

The ensuing optimal planogram that we presented to DGB, provided them with a comprehensive understanding of:

The subcategory shopper types

Shopper’s pre-store decision-making process

Shopper’s in-store behaviour and attitudes within the different subcategories

The impact that in-store media had on shoppers

How displays behave in different locations in the store

All this data was then translated into a tangible design solution that created greater visibility for the liqueurs and shooters category, and increased relevance with their existing shopper base.

Retail Marketing for Jägermeister


We unlocked Brand, Trade, Category and Shopper insight in Shoprite and Checkers with highly impressive results:

DGB (Pty) Ltd was appointed captain in the Liqueurs and Shooters category

20% Jagermeister growth in Checkers

45% Jagermeister growth in Shoprite

We believe that behaviour counts, not necessarily numbers, because we turned it around with the same shopper base in an existing location. As Roosevelt once said, “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

VF ! boosted Jagermeister’s growth by 45% in the Liqueurs and Shooters Category

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