Kellogg’s Wholesome Treats Back To School Campaign: More than a Lunchbox Snack

Kellogg is the original plant-based food company that has unlocked the goodness in rice to deliver wellness that kids enjoy, conveniently.

As the new school year approached, the brand was on a drive to appeal to parents and kids to choose the Kellogg’s Wholesome Treats Range for kids’ lunchboxes. To further tantalise shoppers, a free lunchbox was on offer with every purchase made.



The brand recognised that parents are always on the lookout for quality fillers for their kids’ lunchboxes; treats that were both nutritious and delicious.

However, the challenge they faced was that parents, and ultimately shoppers, expressed a limited awareness of the fact that the full range of Kellogg’s Wholesome Treats ticked all the right boxes.

The creative brief from our client was, therefore, to design an impactful display communicating the Kellogg’s Wholesome Treats Rice Krispies and Coco Pops Multi-pack with the Free Lunchbox and position it as the ideal lunchbox solution.

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Our research revealed that, in addition to wanting their kids to return from school with empty lunch boxes, parents want to feel connected to their kids and want to bring joy to their day. They are looking for options that they know their kids will love but that they also feel good about giving to their kids. Armed with insight, we developed a three-tier approach to this brief to:

Own the back-to-school calendar
Gain penetration of school lunchboxes
Address another of Kellogg’s brand philosophies; protecting our planet

When the first box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal was introduced by the company in 1906, it came in 100% paperboard packaging, then considered the most environmentally friendly option. Since then, the brand has set itself a goal of working towards 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025.

We continued to uphold the legacy set in 1906 by addressing one of the key drivers in sustainability, which is to decrease the volume of landfill waste. The most effective tool in the sustainability arsenal is reuse so we looked for alternative uses for the products we create

grain category retail marketing insight


The Kellogg’s Wholesome Treats School Bus was designed and engineered in such a way that it could be effectively dismantled and donated to schools for use as whiteboards.

By creating a second life for our products, we made a positive impact on the environment and in the lives of educators and learners.

As a business, we love to operate at the moments of intersection. In this case, it was supporting a client’s brand philosophy, responding to a commercial requirement and addressing a sustainable need.

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