VF ! delivered a world class experience for World Class

World Class commissioned a project to introduce their premium brands to everyone in a unique and accessible way. VF ! developed and built the first World Class concept store-in-store in Cape Town, introducing a paradigm shift from traditional marketing to providing a hands-on, real life experience.

World Class is about “drinking better” with friends at home. Strategically the experience has to inspire everyone to make their own world class drinks. Practically it needs to make purchasing decisions effortless and fun, breaking away from the norm.

The design intends to replicate a premium bar experience, showcasing the recipes, the ingredients, the tools and the premium spirits used by the world’s best bartenders in their quest to create the perfect world class drink.

The design team succeeded in putting premium spirits at the fingertips of customers. Videos, high-end photography, real martini glasses and fresh ingredients are used to make the experience of world class drinking inspirational and tangible.

Taking care of every detail was at the heart of implementing the project when the team manufactured, built and assembled the World Class store-in-store branded experience. Every detail was considered, representing the intent and international standard of World Class.

The World Class store-in-store is a quintessential branded experience that turns the essence of the brand strategy into a premium shopper experience.

World Class has created a paradigm shift in the world of spirits’ marketing by making premium spirits accessible to everyone. VF!, in partnership with World Class, amplified this by ensuring that their first-of–its-kind three dimensional narrative captured the essence of a World Class “drink better” experience.

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