What is Shopper Marketing?

It provides an understanding of the decision-maker at the time of purchasing products at the retail point.

When applied effectively by Trade Marketing it can improve the profitability of a brand, in-store category. This is achieved through shopper-centric improvements and messaging within the retail environment.

What is the Difference between Shopper Information and Shopper Insight?

Shopper Insight is the interpretation of the information that combines attitudinal and behavioural data to influence store sales through marketing efforts. Consumer Insight looks at the emotions around the product and purchase. Read More on Shopper Insight vs Consumer Insight


Determining what is the in-store objective for the brand?

To win in retail with your below the line strategy, requires a deep understanding of the objective of the brand. It is critical in determining the success of the campaign. (What is Above the Line Marketing (ATL) vs Below the Line Marketing (BTL) vs Through the Line Marketing (TTL))

Identifying the brand life-stage, Objective and Growth driver allows for successful campaigns to be rolled out.


Tool for Determining the Objective for a Brand

Determining the in-store objective for a brand


What are the Roles of Trigger Points In-Store


Main fixture ease of shop

Drive visibility, accessibility, clear price communication

Cues to aid navigation & decision making



Disruptive visibility – secondary locations, cross-category locations, till point

Engaging communication, compelling reasons to purchase, price communication



Cues to inform and ease shopper decision making

Engage shoppers



Create a shopper experience.


Pricing, Promotions and Messaging Tips, Tricks and Goldern Nuggets

Men are hunters and are more susceptible to discounts and offers.

Women are gatherers and tend to shop for a specific task e.g. party or stocking up.

New price / old price. Prices that feature the old price together with the new price work better when the old price is shown with a diagonal strike through line. 1 to 1.5% increased conversion.

>Display messages that use the same colours and text formats that only look like a discount offer, can work as well as those that offer a real discount.

Shoppers are not good at math. The price for a pack of 6 can be the same or higher than buying six individual items.

The highest levels of display impact are for displays that use store promotion staff.


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