VF! An amazing race!

Who said learning can’t be fun?

VF! An amazing race!

The team at VF! continuously designs, engineers and produces custom display units for our clients. We expect our client service and sales teams to understand the product, and also want our clients to assemble the displays in store easily.

We therefore decided to test our own skill and ability and sent our sales and project management staff into the factory. Clues were given before they set off and along the way they had to gather knowledge and know-how on material choices, cost implications, production processes, assembly methods and the overall impact of certain combinations. After the “manufacturing” process they had to pack a newly made display into a car, drive to a location and assemble it on site – experiencing the final step in a very involved process.

This customised Amazing Race certainly provided a challenge, but under the guidance of our more experienced staff members, everyone completed the task, expanded their learning and had a lot of fun on the way!

What did we learn? Nothing is as easy as it seems and one misinformed decision along the way can adversely influence the design, the outcome and the costs. We will continue to learn and understand our clients needs to best deliver on their briefs and on what is best suited for their products.

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