VF! Moments: October and November

At VF! there is always something happening or someone smiling to lift our days. Here are some moments of magic that make coming to work worth while.

VF! Moments: October & November

Moving into the new CoLab on the 7th floor of Black River Park was like Christmas for the team. We were blessed with a 280 degree view of Table Mountain and the northern suburbs and with Princess, our own Barista! Let’s face it, after water and wine coffee is the most important daily beverage.

Ever so often we take a break from the madness of deadlines. On this day we played Pictionary and we laughed so much! Not only did we get to know an unexpected side of everyone, it also unleashed a new level of creativity.

Andrew McIlrath is a new daddy. To celebrate his last few days of freedom and sleep we dressed him up, gave him a few beers and bags of diapers. Baby McIlrath was born in November.

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