VF! Moments – Our main man turned 40

On 13 March 2019 all 21 VF! brothers and sisters from our Cape Town office celebrated Scott-turning-forty with a walk and breakfast in Newlands Forest.

Our main man turned 40

Despite the early morning bite in the air, high spirits warmed us up from the inside. Everyone arrived right on time, and with Scott dressed for the occasion we set out on a brisk 40 minute walk. Woodcutters’ path took us through some dense vegetation at the foot of Table Mountain, past the Newlands’ reservoir and back to the start. On our return, Fatiema and crew spoilt Scott with balloons, and the team with beautifully put together picnic packs.

As always, when VF! gets together there was silliness and seriousness. The highlight of the morning was when the “old man” was handed a walking stick for his coming of age – which he highly disputed as he was still “officially” 39 on that day!

The fresh air cleared our heads, and having breakfast and a good laugh with work friends was the perfect start to a perfect day, in celebration of a man we admire and respect.

Dear Scott, from all of us at VF!, thank you for being who you are, always challenging us and the norm, and for never being satisfied with mediocrity.

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