Zietz MOCAA – Immersion in arts & architecture

As designers and engineers, we are always looking for inspiration. Being in Cape Town we are fortunate to have some of the world’s best design on our doorstep. One of the latest, most recognised and showcased destinations is the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in Cape Town’s hip-and-happening harbour precinct.

Finding inspiration

We chose the Zeitz MOCCA as “the place to visit” for our February inspiration because of its architecture and its art. Both of these are very relevant to our own world of design, where we work with visual expression in 3D spaces. Although it’s an art museum and gallery, the highlight of a visit to the Zeitz is its monumental architecture. We found inspiration in the forms and structures of the building and what the architects and engineers were able to achieve from a technical and structural perspective.

The layout flows with such organic ease that the visitors are “pushed” to the next art installation or gallery space without having to think where they need to go next. This makes the experience of “art appreciation” effortless, whether you personally like it or not. Not all art will always resonate with everyone, but anyone can find something inspirational, interesting or new in the messages, material, techniques and expression captured and portrayed by the artists.

The pictures we took are telling of its architectural form, graphic relevance, 3D sculpture and simple impact.

The MOCAA itself

The Zeitz MOCAA is a public, contemporary art museum which collects, preserves, researches, and exhibits 21st century art from Africa and its development. It also exhibits work from international collections. It has over 100 galleries, spread over nine floors. It’s a great place to find solitude amongst not only beautiful things, but art and installations that stretch the imagination, ask social questions and give solitude to the soul in the stillness of the space. And when you reach the top, you have the best view over the Mother City and its mountain.


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